Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Our To-Be-Named Babe.

This pregnancy, we have been pretty impartial to what kind of baby we wanted. I mean, I thought we didn't care with Max, but the truth was both of us wanted a boy first, even if neither of us admitted it until after Max flashed us on the ultrasound screen. With this little one, though, we didn't have any assumptions or any dreams on what our family's birth order would be after the first one. That being said... I really wanted Max to have a brother two years younger than him so that they could be the oldest in their grades together, drive a beater car together, be in priesthood class together (basically like Sunday School, only different) for Max's senior year, share friends and maybe hopefully have a few of the same interests. Plus, I wouldn't have to buy as many clothes.

Then again, I have a boy so I wanted a girl, especially whenever I wandered through the baby clothes section at, like, any store. Plus, six or seven weeks ago, I finally strung together the perfect little girl name. During the first half of Max's pregnancy and nearly all of this pregnancy, I had been trying to fit Penelope with a one-syllable family name that would be a good alternative name and not just a filler name and I finally made it work in early April. So, I wanted a girl. I mean, I really wanted to use that name. I'm not ashamed to admit this.

Enter today.

baby boy-1
baby boy-2

We are having another chubby little boy and we are thrilled!

baby boy-3
baby boy-4

As soon as I saw him on the screen, I knew he was a boy. And then when I saw a little something-something waving around a few minutes later before the technician said anything, I was absolutely positive he was a boy. Our boys aren't super modest (Max's nineteen week ultrasound opened with a booty shot) and are ridiculously energetic, so we are going to have an awesome time chasing them around for the next twenty years. Honestly, I have never seen a baby perform all the acrobatics our newest babe performed on-screen for us this morning. He waved, stuck his feet out at us, posed for the camera, stretched so far it looked like his head was going to touch his back, and looked absolutely content with the entire world around him. We love him and are so excited for him to join us. So! Tonight, we spent some time at Kohl's and Target (I know, we're big spenders), ruffled through their baby clothes, and came home with some brand new additions to the huge wardrobe our babe is going to inherit in September.

baby boy-7
baby boy-6

Oh! And that's another thing. My due date has been moved up a week. I walked into the room at 20 weeks and 6 days and came out at 21 weeks 5 days. He weighs a pound already, so I'm hoping he's going to be a whopper, just like his brother. Fat baby boys are the cutest, especially from ages three to eight months. They slay me. Ah! I cannot wait for him to get here!

P.S. He doesn't have a name yet. We whittled our boy names down to three lately and I'm letting Andrew have the final say. Call me an anti-power-woman, but Maxwell was my favorite boy name so, this time, I'm letting Andrew pick his.

P.P.S. It's possible our boys are going to look nearly the same.