Thursday, May 31, 2012


This morning, Maxwell let me read him two entire books. From start to finish. With voice inflections.


I know that's nothing special for most mothers, but my little son got tired of me reading to him before he turned one and, whenever I'd try, he'd steal the book out of my hands and do this:


All while babbling (reading) to himself, of course.


In all honesty, reading to my kids has always been my one of my biggest hopes for motherhood. I know that's kinda cheesy, but I love stories and, when I pictured myself as a mom, I always pictured bedtime stories and picture books and everything else under the sun combining pictures, imagination, and words. So, when Max turned out to be the definition of the word "independent", I was happy for him but sad that he wouldn't humor me with typical mama things like sitting in my lap and letting me read to him for ten minutes.

Anyway, I'm sure it sounds silly, but I really needed those twenty minutes this morning. Here's to hoping he lets me read to him again tomorrow!