Sunday, June 10, 2012


Max is such a whippersnapper.

Week 23: Seasons

Like, I know I'm his mother and all, but I really just don't know if a funnier little person has ever lived. The boy has cheek! I think I mentioned recently that we transferred him to the big bed but I left out three very important details.

Detail One: Max, who sings the Indiana Jones theme song, says "chomp!" whenever he picks up his stuffed shark, and basically just wears blue all the time (read: I'm saying he's 100% boy without saying something terribly, clichely (not a word), annoying like "he's all boy!") is sleeping on the trundle of a daybed. It was free. Plus, even though he loves to make goggly eyes at two blonde girls named Cara and Harper during nursery, I don't think he knows that daybeds are meant for girls... and we're keeping it that way, especially since his daybed is full of stuffed dinosaurs, grizzly bears, and Big Bird.

Detail Two: When Andrew was on his mission, he bought a Batman blanket that's extremely soft and thick and perfect for the "sheet" on a little toddler's twin sized bed. But! Also during his mission, a woman gave him another blanket that's extremely soft and thick and perfect for the "sheet" on a little toddler's twin sized bed... only it's not of Batman. It's of the Virgin Mary. And, somehow, during the first week Max became a little man by leaving his crib behind, the Batman blanket was lost! Meaning he's been sleeping on the trundle of a daybed on top of the Virgin Mary.

Detail Three: Now that he's not in his crib, Max loves to cuddle! I mean, sure, he only likes to cuddle because he thinks it will get him out of sleeping but last night, I laid down next to him, he stopped crying, scooted his little body back into mine, sighed heavily, and promptly fell asleep. And it was heaven. I stroked his short, summer hair and kissed his little cheeks and squeezed his little hands and marveled for a minute about how he's gotten enormous- did I really grow that elbow for nine months?!- and then I cried and said a little prayer about how thankful I was that I was the luckiest girl in the world because of my baby and my husband and our other baby on the way and the little home we have full of love. And then?! My almost-two-year-old stayed asleep until the sun was up and, just like every morning, ran into our bedroom happily squealing "Mommy!".

Life is good.

P.S. We found the Batman blanket today, but I think the Virgin Mary blanket is now on the floor by the bed? I'm not sure. His dad put him to bed... the same dad who laughed for fifteen minutes at my face the first time I saw the Virgin Mary blanket and still gets on my case for making him keep it in our little chest that masquerades as a coffee table.