Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chick Fil A.

One of my favorite faces Max makes is his sniffing face.


He makes this face every time we ask him "What does a hedgehog say?" and also makes it every time he sees flowers, complete with finger pointing and saying "fow-er". It kills me. I mean, I know I'm totally biased, but he is just the most beautiful little person I have ever seen. I love to joke about how he's rotten and crazy and bossy and loud and mischievous (because he totally is), but there really are no words to describe just how wonderful he is. He is my own personal slice of heaven- Andrew's too- and it has been amazing to see him grow up so much lately. I'm totally Mommy Bragging, but he can sing half of the ABC song, knows hard body parts like "shoulder" and "jaw", counts softly (and out of order!) to himself while he's playing, can list off everyone living in my parents' house without hesitation, doesn't eat Play-Doh, asks to brush his teeth, and can undress himself in half a second flat.


He's also really good at stealing chocolate milkshakes.


Which can only mean one thing: He is a boy after my own heart.