Friday, June 08, 2012

Just Some Instagrams as of Late. And Some Words.


I mentioned this briefly last week, but we've lately had some huge, year-long stresses relieved (a full time job! good insurance! a perfectly healthy baby!). I have spent the last year thinking that, when these stresses were relieved (especially the first two), I'd just be super happy. And I am! I am incredibly happy.

But I am also so, so tired.
So tired I can't even put it into words.

It's like when the stresses rolled off, my entire body (and mind!) became this limp, withered little girl who has been sad, scared, scrappy, and well... tired for too long to count. And I am so happy that, with our financial situation resolved, I won't feel like that little girl anymore, nor do I have to be exhaust myself trying the outwardly strong girl covering for the scared one. But! On that note, I am going to need some serious sleep to recuperate from the worries we've been carrying around since 2011. And this weekend? I plan on catching up on all that sleep.

PS. Maybe this is unrelated, but all I want to eat is comfort food. And a lot of it.