Friday, June 29, 2012

A Late Afternoon A Few Weeks Ago.


I adore this set of images. They're from a Friday night a few weeks ago. We ate Mexican and then ran around this abandoned subdivision for a few minutes. It was so much fun... until Max started running down the (abandoned) street. I freaked. Andrew laughed. I chased after him. Andrew took photos of me running after Max. I won't be sharing those, but know my face looked like the second shot above. Pretty sure I was giving Max the stink eye in that one as he ran towards the woods. Homeboy's deepest desire is to be a wild animal... or a muppet.

You can see more here.

The past month, I've been doing some serious reflection on what I'm going to do with photography. I have no desire to quit photography, but I've realized lately that the heart of my images are very personal, client work included. I am not a perfectionist in terms of rules. I mean, I have my business bases covered, but I don't always follow photography rules like the rule of thirds or shooting in RAW (I love me some JPEG), perfect white balance or five hundred other things. I don't care for severely posed photographs, photographing large groups, or freaking out over every last detail. I love imperfection in photographs. I love images that have soul. I love photographs that make you feel something, even if you don't know the subject in the frame. I love sharing photographs of my family and, really, I just love photographs. I've joined a couple photography forums lately that have been really eye-opening and, honestly, I don't think I'm like many other photographers. I want to make a profit, but I want people to have images they can cherish forever. I want my images to have heart and I don't want to get so involved with over thinking everything (or overly busy) that the heart fades out of them. So, anyway, there's been a lot of shop talk going in at our house lately and I'm really excited about the directions things are going.

P.S. Just like with Max, I have grown a ton the past few weeks. I can't wear the dress pictured above anymore and, yesterday, I woke up with pregnancy face. The smallish belly was fun while it lasted, but I will look like this in a six more weeks and probably have this six weeks after that. Ah! Things are going to start moving really quick around here... and soon!