Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Life as a Max.


Lately, my sweet little boy has decided that he is a man. But not just any man! He is a man with strong feelings and opinions and wants and needs! He doesn't need nap times and he can choose when he plays outside and he doesn't need to wear clothes and he can say "Bye, Mama!" when he wants to get rid of me! I don't know how else to say it except to, y'know, say it: Twenty-three month olds are hard work! I think I am more tired now than I was as a brand new mom!

I mean, Max has always had strong opinions. He's always been a charming little flirt who loves to bat his eyelashes and coo (and, um, stare) at pretty ladies in order to get his way, but lately I have to sit down and count to ten and breathe slowly before I try do something simple like brush his teeth or change his diaper or, heaven forbid, feed him grilled cheese when he wants to live solely on mandarin oranges and strawberry juice.

But! My heavens, that boy gets cuter every day.

Which, lets be honest, doesn't help when I sit outside his door during nap time (or, in his world, pound-on-the-door-time), but it does help when we take him out for a long sunset drive and he falls asleep in the cutest fashion I have ever seen.

P.S. The Care Bears movie had three showings at the Chandler home today. Judge me.