Monday, June 04, 2012

Our Saturday

Saturday was an absolutely perfect day.

On Friday night, Max spent his first night in his big boy bed so, on Saturday morning, he ran into our room at the crack of down, smiling so hard his eyes looked like stars, screamed "Mommy!" proudly and plummeted into our bed. My heart melted like butter and Andrew silently rolled over so he was facing the wall since it wasn't even 6:30. We didn't have any plans for the day, so we kept him in bed with us for as long as he would snuggle (read: not long) and then ventured to the kitchen where we made breakfast and, let's be honest, watched Care Bears. And after that? We headed to the library where (surprise!) they were holding a carnival for the start of the summer reading program. And after that? We splurged on upsized Chick-fil-a meals, ate in the shade, played at the park, and headed home where we spent the rest of the day napping, reading, eating grilled cheese, sitting on the porch and watching Care Bears all over again.

Like I said: Perfect. Day.
I love my little fam.

Song in video by Mindy Gledhill.