Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pregnancy. Round Two.


Yep. That's an out-of-focus me, standing in the middle of an extremely famous cathedral courtyard and adjusting my maternity jeans so my love handles would disappear (they didn't disappear).

This pregnancy, I have wondered countless times why I was so bat-shit crazy about every little thing around me while I was pregnant with Max (sorry for the swear, fam, but it's the truth). And then! Once or twice a week, I get an email from a popular mom website outlining what I can't do or shouldn't do or definitely do not want to do during pregnancy or an email listing all the things that could go wrong with me or my baby if I have symptom x, y, or z, and I think: "This is why I was so bat-shit crazy."

Or maybe it should be "bat-shit cray". Cause however you slice it, I was crazy with a side of cray from the time I found out I was pregnant to Max's first birthday. I'm sure most first-time moms are crazy, but I'm not afraid to admit that I was absolutely bonkers.

I've had people tell me that I shouldn't vacuum while pregnant, that I will die if I eat cookie dough while pregnant, that I should get checked (or double checked!) for gestational diabetes because I grow big babies, that I should never work out, that I should work out an hour a day, that I shouldn't eat read meat, that I shouldn't take fish oil, that I shouldn't eat sandwich meat no matter what, that I will hurt my baby if I roll over in my sleep and thus should create a fortress of pillows so I won't move during the night, that I shouldn't look so pregnant so early on, that I shouldn't wear heels while pregnant (I actually want to give high-heeled ladies a side eye when they're pregnant so I'm guilty of that one).... Anyway. You get the jist. There are millions of women in the world and, if they're over the age of twenty (or younger), they probably have an opinion on pregnancy because of their experiences or because of someone they heard of from one of their cousin's friends who read online about a woman who did "x" and "y" ended up happening.

So here's my opinion: I try to be healthy and good. I try not to lift things heavier than Max and I try to sleep as much as I can. I educate myself and, even though I can't see my feet, I live my life like normal, except I get kicked really hard during really odd (and diverse!) tasks. I ignore emails and blogs and threads and forums that use scare tactics or condescendingly lecture women about how their decisions are wrong. I try not to worry.

And this time around, I'm not going so crazy.