Thursday, July 19, 2012

All of These Pictures Were Taken in Italy.


Sometimes, I am a cheeseball and think about how I am the same person as the four year old who ran around her house screaming at the top of her lungs just for fun and that I'm the seven year old who ran through late night summer air to capture fireflies and that I'm the ten year old who was too shy to run anywhere and that I'm the thirteen year old who didn't really run anywhere but never stopped bouncing and that I'm the seventeen year old who ran all over tennis courts and that I'm the twenty-one year old who ran away from all of her problems and that I'm somehow the twenty-three year old who ran straight into motherhood, too.

But other times, I am an even bigger cheeseball who thinks about how my relationship with my husband is basically the same thing, only three and a half years old instead twenty-five years old. We are the same couple who flirted late at night in closeted study rooms, their computers and books on the opposite side of the table. We are the same couple who had a broken air conditioner in their first apartment for the hottest months of the summer. We are the same couple who had picnics nearly every day. We are the same couple who fake yelled at each other when the couple next door would get into full-on vocal battles. We are the same couple who stresses out every time their son catches a cold because it always leads to breathing problems. We are the same couple who ate out too much and forgot to vacuum and we are also the same couple who have trouble untangling their limbs from one another in the morning.

And as nice as it is to look back and see how far I have come throughout the years, in some ways, it feels so much more rewarding to look back and see what we have become throughout the years. And I'm just really excited to see where life takes us.