Monday, July 23, 2012



Point One: My brother Noah is the definition of a thirteen-year-old obsessed with football. He knows (or thinks he knows) everything about every college football team in the SEC and, like the rest of my family, scoffs at any mention that any team is better than his team. His team happens to be the Arkansas Razorbacks and, today when he found out that Andrew's office is a stone's throw away from the stadium, he about choked. Then he realized that Andrew's back wall is actually a glass window facing the stadium, he almost fainted... and then we took him down to the stadium so he could take photographs for the background of his phone.

Point Two: One of Maxwell's best friend is the elephant my mom bought him when he was itty bitty (maybe before he was born?) to try and woo him into loving Alabama football. Most of us were born in Alabama and, on my mom's side of the family, an Alabama football game causes just as much celebration as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas combined. They love Alabama football. My dad, Noah, and my brother Nathan love Arkansas football. This is a huge family rivalry and has caused tons of upsets, like that time an eighteen-year-old Nathan walked out of an Alabama-Arkansas game with an Alabama shirt on and came back into the room with an Arkansas shirt on, declaring a new allegiance. So, today, Noah convinced Max to lay his beloved elephant on the ground and step on him in front of the Arkansas stadium to symbolize what he wants to happen when Arkansas and Alabama play this year.

Point Three: Noah texted the stomping photograph to my sister and she replied "Never talk to me again."