Sunday, July 01, 2012

For My Little Bear.


Today, you are two.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I think the same thing about your dad and I know I'll think the same about all of your siblings, but it doesn't make it any less true. When I think about the past two years, I feel as if I have no words to describe the complete and utter happiness you have brought into our lives. You are such a sweet little soul. You're kind and funny and you worry about your puppy every time he's not by your side. You kneel down for prayers every night and you love to wrap yourself in blankets and take off all your clothes (diaper included). You are hilarious. You are the funniest person we have ever met! Everywhere we go, people stop to talk to you. People smile at you when we wheel you down the grocery store and they laugh when you try to climb over the table at restaurants and their faces always light up when you say "please" and "thank you". Something about you makes other people happy, even if they only see you for three seconds, and this makes me enormously proud. I am so proud that you are my son. I am so proud that I get to teach you your ABC's and that your favorite way to wake up is to weasel into our bed early in the morning, snuggle in between us, and watch cartoons or read your favorite books. We love you. You are everything we could have ever hoped for in a first son and we are so honored that we are your parents. You are everything to us and you always will be. I know you didn't have much say in the matter, but thank you so much for coming to our family. You have been worth everything we went through to get you here and more.

Sometimes I feel like a less than stellar mom because I let you watch too much TV and I don't care if you don't want to wear real clothes when we're home and I've given you far too many sweets and I really dislike disciplining you, so much so that I'm afraid you're going to make your kindergarten teacher retire young. Your dad and I are so happy to have you that, after you go to bed, we often sit back to talk about everything you've done that day, how happy you are, and how you are just the perfect amount of mischevious and sweet. Your dad calls you "Hero" and I call you "Bear". You call me "Mommy" and you're always getting in trouble for calling your dad "Andrew". Most importantly, though, darlin', you make our whole world go round.

Sorry I haven't kept a baby book for you or printed off enough photographs of your childhood, but hopefully one day, you'll read this blog and see just how much we love you- and that we love you that much every day, not just on the special ones.

Love, Mom.