Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagrams From the Past Month: Not in Chronological Order.


Things that have not been blogged about the past several weeks because life is moving faster than a hurricane in the middle of the ocean (there are crazy hurricanes in the middle of the ocean, right?!): Baseball games, the death of nap time, the way Max owns the pool stairs, play dates, how our six o'clock wake up time comes in the form of a blondie slipping into our bed, the amount of bugs in the pond outside our door, Andrew's obsession with Lord of the Rings anthologies discussing religion in the series, how I am out of contacts and rockin' ridiculous glasses instead of ordering new ones, the past week spent with my brothers, how we finally settled on a hospital to deliver Henry in, how I moved a bookcase the other day and Andrew gave me the silent treatment for hours afterward, really good books, Napoleon's horrible haircut, the amount of Katy Perry I've been listening to, and how Max makes the funniest noise when you ask him "What does a horse say?"... kinda like coughing but it's a cough that's also an unmistakable "neigh!".

Oh! And maybe most importantly, Lego Batman's uncanny ability to show up at church, at dinner, on family walks, in the water table, in the bed, and yet he can also be found in his Batmobile nine times out of ten, meaning he may be able to defy science and be in two places at once.