Monday, July 16, 2012

Mom to a Two Year Old.

two year old-8
two year old-9
two year old-10
two year old-11
two year old-13
two year old-14
two year old-15
two year old-17

I am really happy that I have a son who wants me to play with him all the time. Sure, I don't "fight" with him like his dad and I never give in to his demands for "mac and cheese" for breakfast, but he likes me anyway and I am going to soak up as much Max-and-Mom time as possible the next little while. And by the next little while, I mean as much as possible until he realizes that kissing your mom on the mouth (or even the cheek!) really isn't considered cool when everyone can see you from the inside of your kindergarten bus... or first grade bus... or second grade bus... or whatever bus I'm not too chicken to send him on at 7:30 each morning once elementary school hits.

Max has so much life ahead of him and I am just so thrilled that I get to be his mom through it all.