Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Our Fourth. And Our Third, Too.


Yes, that mass of red and blue and green is a photo of my husband getting sprayed in the face by hairspray this afternoon.

Yesterday, I had my first real pregnancy day. Y'know- the cranky kind. Henry likes to ride low, so after unsuccesfully trying to work for three hours, I ended up laying on the couch with my feet propped up for the rest of the day while Max ran around like a crazy man in a diaper and shoes. I still had on my clothes from the day before, my hair was in a rat's nest and, somewhere along the way, I looked down at my hand and realized that I was holding a spoon, absentmindedly polishing off the chocolate icing left over from Max's birthday cake, even though I've never had more than a taste of icing-on-a-spoon since I was seventeen.

Then, during Max's nap time, I turned on Netflix and ended up starting the first season of Pretty Little Liars, playing Solitaire on my husband's iPad, and planning ways I could "forget" about dinner (luckily for me I'd whipped up a "just-in-case" freezer meal last week). And I sat there, glued to the couch, for like twelve more hours. I didn't shower or wear shoes the entire day and then I stayed up half the night with heartburn and a stomach ache, fighting the urge to walk back out to the couch and finish the rest of the show I had started. I mean, I just wanted to know who killed the girl and I was also feeling pretty resentful of my husband because he didn't offer to finish the dishes for me before we went to bed. I stayed in bed, though, and promptly fell asleep with my head in one corner of the bed and the rest of my body splayed out on top of my husband.

Who knew pregnancy could be so glamorous?

Anyway, today we didn't make any plans for the Fourth but figured we'd somehow factor in swimming, hamburgers, ice cream, and firework watching into our day. I had really good intentions, but instead I took a shower and changed into new pajamas, watched my husband and son eat macaroni and cheese (the Kraft kind) out of a pot while spread out on the couch, and thought to myself "we are staying home today." So we did! Except for a grocery run to pick up some Ben and Jerry's and ingredients for no bake cookies, we sat our booties on the couch, watched our son run around like a crazy man in a tank top and too-big shorts, and just chilled. I feel kinda bad that Max didn't get to hold any sparklers or see any smoke bombs or pop any pop rocks, but we'll make up for that next year. Because this year? We really needed to just veg out as a family. It has been ages since we just sat around and, honestly, it was kinda gross but also kinda lovely.