Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday the Fourteenth.

Saturday 14-3
Saturday 14-9
Saturday 14-7
Saturday 14-13
Saturday 14-16
Saturday 14-21
Saturday 14-23
Saturday 14-38
Saturday 14-32

Our Saturday was filled with breakfast in bed, piling every single one of Max's stuffed animals on the entertainment center (and then the couch and then on top of Max and then on a chair, as directed by Max himself), a long walk downtown, the library, wrestling, cold pizza, naps, Netflix, waffles, and snuggles. Also migraines and heartburn for Mom and several dance parties by Henry (in my belly) and Max (all over the apartment), but those are pretty common occurrences now-a-days. Hope your Saturday was as busy (and busily lazy!) as ours!