Thursday, July 26, 2012


Lissa Clair Photos-14

Today, I realized I have a running tally in my head of a hundred different sentences I never said before becoming a mom that I now say nearly every day, often multiples times. For example:

"I'm so proud of you for saying that!"
"Do you want to wear clothes when you play with your water table today?"
"Yes. You did poop."
"Where's your dinosaur?"
"Here's some yarn so you can crochet with Mommy."
"What do you want for lunch? Popcorn?! Okay! Don't tell Dad, though."
"You are doing such a good job brushing your teeth!"
"No. Two cups of chocolate milk is enough."
"Max! If you don't stop turning the shower off, you have to get out!"
"Thank you so much for finding all my shoes for me and putting them in a pile!"
"No. Mommy doesn't fight."
"Yes! That's your name! What's your last name?! CHAND-LER."
"No. Mommy has to work. Yes. You can sit in my lap while I work."
"You want to watch Bad Guys? What about Sesame Street? No? Okay, Bad Guys."
"What's a hedgehog say?"
"Yes! The baby is in Mommy's belly! No. There's not a baby in your belly."
"Thank you so much for giving me your (chewed up) food."
"Where's your gum?"

Also, yesterday Andrew started singing the theme song to "Shawn the Sheep" (I didn't know what that was prior to having a child, either), and Max started joyfully chiming in singing "Shaw-da-Shit." We made a video and worked on the noise "puh!" and now he's officially swear-free for the past twenty hours.

Also (part two), Max's favorite phrase right now is, "Mommy! Help!" (also "what's this?" as he quizzes us on our body parts) and, yesterday while he was climbing the couch a yardstick away from me, he started saying "Mommy! Help!" and I looked over to see him stuck between the wall and the couch. His chin jutted over the top of the couch and his little eyes lit up when he saw my horrified face and, before I could pull him out, he was belly laughing so hard that I was laughing, too.

Ah! Being a Mom. It's serious work, but it's serious fun, too.