Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Lately, we've been trying extra hard to get Max to share and share nicely. I realize this is basically impossible for a two-year-old only child, but, aside from two hours of nursery on Sundays, I try to set up a play date for him each week and, consequently, sharing has gotten serious round these parts.

Enter yesterday.

We spent our morning with some of our newest friends (a sweet local photographer and her two cute boys). Max wasn't being horrible by any means, but there were several times he didn't want to share his dump trucks and dinosaurs, so there were several times that I said, "We need to share, Max" and "Please share, Max" and "No, Max. It's nice to share.". Y'know- typical mom stuff you never pictured coming out of your mouth until one day, you're elbow deep in toys and tears and you're exasperatedly thinking "Just give him the effin' toy!" inwardly but smile your biggest smile outwardly and say small sentences peppered with words like "Honey" and "Baby" and "Hooray! You're doing such a good job!" to your little crazy child. Yesterday wasn't a bad sharing day and I didn't even mentally swear once during our entire play date- progress!- but we've definitely had those days before.

Anyway, I have a point. And the point is that, several hours later while we were feasting on burgers and milkshakes, Max sidled up to me, stole my milkshake (that I'd bought to share) and, three minutes later when I went to take a sip, he pulled the cup out of my hand and said, "No, no, Mommy! Share! SHARE!".

At least he's listening?

In other news, today I took him to the pool for the first time without Andrew and we survived! Yes! He jumped into the pool three or four times before I was standing in place and he also jumped in the deep end once and I even forgot the sunscreen, but we survived and I earned myself another Mama Stripe. And oh, I am tired. So tired that my bed is calling my name and I think I'm going to give in... or maybe I will take a long shower first.

Decisions for a pregnant mom. They can be tough.