Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eight Things That Happened This Weekend.


One: Maxwell was crazy at Panera Bread and, when there wasn't a corner outside, Andrew held him against the wall outside for punishment. Max laughed at him and tried to scale the wall like Spiderman.

Two: We went to Sam's for our annual paper-and-cleaning-supply run.

Three: We watched The Hunger Games. Andrew loved it but still refuses to read the books.

Four: Andrew argued with people on Facebook about politics (this is nothing new).

Five: Napoleon escaped from the apartment and chased a lady into the pond area, barking all the way because he thinks he is three hundred pounds of fierce.

Six: Andrew snuggled up to me early this morning and could feel Henry's kicks through my legs while I slept. Homeboy is strong.

Seven: When refusing to take a nap, Max pushed over the (full) bookcase in his room.

Eight: I let my baby run wild, slept in, flirted with my husband, and let our apartment fall down around our ears. There are dishes piled up on the sink, broken crayons all over the carpet, and six or seven pieces of tupperware hanging out in front of the TV. Let's not talk about the laundry. It was worth it.