Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Used Bookstore.

24 & 25-32
24 & 25-12
24 & 25-15
24 & 25-16
24 & 25-20
24 & 25-22
24 & 25-27
24 & 25-24
24 & 25-26
24 & 25-33
24 & 25-30
24 & 25-34

We love this little bookstore on Dickson Street. There's so many twists and turns and stacks of books and it's a book lovers heaven. Max hadn't been allowed to roam free sans a stroller here before yesterday and he flipped out when we walked through the doors. He ran around, looked at books, babbled about books, and kept his Uncle Ben on his toes because, well, he was way too fast for me to waddle behind and Andrew was holed up with the history books.

At one point, I turned around and found him in a little nook with his uncle and grandpa and, when he saw me, Max screamed "Mommy! Go!" and pushed me into the hallway. I found out later he had just been saved from a near-tumble off a ladder (why wouldn't my two year old want to climb a ladder?), which is probably why he pushed me aside. Max knows when he's naughty and it's so funny to have to discipline him in odd places. We give him a fair amount of freedom in public (and, well, all the time), but we're pretty quick to put him in the corner or take him on long walks to cool off when he throws fits. We don't like being the parents at the restaurant with the crazy child who won't stop climbing on things, but we're pretty happy to be the parents with the child who's busy making their dinosaurs fly.

I'm having to stay down a lot lately and, like I said earlier, I am definitely in the grouchy stage of pregnancy, but life is really good right now. I'm ready for Henry to join us but loving the small amount of time we have left as a family of three. My boys are everything to me.