Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Post Is About Things Like Hair Straighteners.


I know this blog is kind of boring lately, but I don't mind. I blog because it's easier to post photos online than it is to print them out daily and, well, I'm happy to keep this blog as my journal. If this were stripped down, all that would be left of the past few years are little handwritten notes scattered throughout all kinds of little journals strewn about our house. And strangely, I'm okay with that. I'm okay with my journal being on the Internet. I used to think I was the most paranoid person in the world, but lately I've realized that I'm just not. I'm actually pretty laid back unless someone insults someone I care about or something I feel passionately about. Sure, I triple check the oven when I leave the house and sometimes I have a trickle of fear run down my spine because I'm certain I've left the hair straightener on while I'm running errands. Which, y'know, could be a legitimate fear except for the fact that I haven't plugged my straightener in since 2009. I'm not paranoid about watermarking my photographs or talking about my family on the Internet for one main reason: I'd never write anything that I wouldn't want them to love to read about later.

And that, I think, is what I love about this online journal.

Well, that and I can scroll through archives and see pictures like this of Max, compare them to the ones most recently posted (see above!) and cry because he's growing up so fast and somehow pregnancy fills me up with so much sap I can't even read a picture book without tearing up because the animals love each other so much that it's just beautiful and it makes everything make so much brilliant sense for half a quarter of a second.

I think I will try to suppress those always-constant weepy feelings and find some M&M's or ice cream to indulge in.