Monday, August 27, 2012



Andrew likes to dress Max up for church in bow-ties, vests, and Converse sneakers. Andrew also likes to dress himself for church in thick ties, vests, and Converse sneakers. Every week I think, "I need to take a photograph of them." and every week I forget until Max wakes up half naked from his post-church coma screaming to be fed. But! This week! My pajama-clad, staying-at-home self snuck these in before Andrew and Max left for some Daddy-and-Me time at church.

My favorite text from Andrew during their time at church sans Mom?
"The brown dino is fighting the shark on my arm."

To which I replied:
"You should be honored."

Because, really, nothing says love like a toddler playing "Bight!" (Fight!) on his daddy's arms during Sacrament Meeting.

P.S. Don't let this post fool you. Max totally waltzes into Nursery some Sundays with plaid shorts, slightly unlaced shoes, and a solid colored t-shirt that's covered in Fruit Loop crumbs and spilled apple juice.