Monday, August 20, 2012

You Only Have Your First Day of Your Second Year of Grad School Once.

First Day-2
First Day-3
First Day-7
First Day-10
First Day-11

Because I am a lazy wife, I didn't take Andrew's picture before his first day of Grad School last year. I mean, it didn't even cross my mind because I was busy trying to convince him that he needed to buy me a puppy. I didn't think about taking his picture this morning, either, because I'd been up since, like, 5:30, but you can imagine Andrew's excitement and anticipation when I picked him up from class today (after twelve hours at work and school) with my camera bag snuggled into the passenger seat, ready and waiting to take his picture. He laughed at me, but let me take photographs of him chasing Maxwell on top of a downtown parking garage anyway.

Can't believe we've started our second year here!

P.S. Here's Henry:

First Day-18

Little Huckleberry has officially outgrown my maternity clothes- the very same ones that I bought a size too big so that he wouldn't outgrow them before delivery. If I wear sweats from here on out, feel free to not judge me. Trust me, they are much nicer than the strip of skin I accidentally sported to the doctor's office this afternoon. Six(ish) more weeks!