Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A "Bight"! By Maxwell David Chandler.

Bath Fight-7
Bath Fight-18
Bath Fight-17
Bath Fight-15
Bath Fight-27
Bath Fight-24

I've mentioned this recently, but there really are no words to say how much Max loves his animal friends. He carries an armful with him at all times, both plastic and stuffed, and is constantly crying out "Di-do-door" and "Tiger!" and "Bear!" and "Puppy!" and "Hippo!" whenever he leaves one in the other room. They go everywhere with him, bed and bath included. He loves them, feeds them at every meal, and makes them fight for hours at a time, meaning that when his mom is grouchy after twelve hours without his dad, she can plop him in the tub and he'll do this for an hour and a half. And afterwards? She'll even clean the bubbles off of their bodies and shake the water out of them, one by one.

Toddlerhood is magic.