Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birthday Date.

Yesterday, Andrew skipped class and took me on a birthday date. We went to dinner, picked up some cupcakes, and then hung out at the park for an hour or so. It was so relaxing just sitting and talking as the sun went down and, at one point, Andrew looked at me and said, "So is this what it's like to not be parents?". Then we started laughing because babies have been a huge part of our lives since we married each other. I got pregnant with Max before we had even been together (not married- together) for nine months! We are crazy.

But! I digress! Here are some photographs!

Day One-2
Day One-1

I'm a little embarrassed to write this, but Andrew spoils me like crazy. This may already be obvious, but, when we can, he loves to throw down money on things that I love. This works because I don't like buying things for myself. I mean, I used to! I used to love buying stuff for myself all the time and would happily drop $200 on a pair of boots when I only had $250 in my bank account ("Who needs food?!" I used to joke), but then I got married and reality set in and I realized that I did, in fact, need food... as did my husband, so I stopped buying things for myself cold turkey once Andrew slipped a ring on my finger, which I think is pretty normal, even though I can remember going home and crying several times because I couldn't afford zippered leggings and didn't walk well in heels after having Max (I lived in heels before) and didn't even want to buy myself new eyeshadow, either, because even $5 is a ton of money when you're just starting out.

Anyway! Back to Andrew.

Andrew is awesome and, for my birthdays, he draws up contracts stating what he'll do for me the next year. They're like unexpected birthday bonuses, because he gives me normal presents as well. Last year his contract was for a puppy. And this year?! One contract says I can buy whatever baby carrier I want for Henry (the Ergo), another is a contract rambling about how I have to upgrade my phone by September 15th and, if I choose to buy the 4s instead of the 5, I have to take the extra money and buy myself something with it, and then the last contract is the best contract of all and says that, when he's home and not changing another diaper, he will change the diapers for both boys and will also be in charge of every mess that Max makes (while home, obviously) during his impending potty training days. Did I mention my husband is a winner?

Also, he loves this picture even though my face is crazy, so here it is:


Annnnnd since no birthday post is complete without cute children here are some photos my mom sent of Max yesterday. I cried like a baby yesterday for my little man, so it's good to know that he's having a really good time without us. I'm not much fun for Max right now and I sent him to my parents so that he would have a whole bunch of fun with his grandparents and his aunts and uncles and cousins. And yesterday?! He went to the store and got to ride in one of the fancy kid baskets (they don't have those here), went to a petting zoo farm for three hours, and then went to a football game with all of his dinosaurs. He told me all about it on the phone and he was so excited that all I really understood was a whole bunch of "roars!" and animal names. Love him.


He's not going to want to come home this weekend.