Sunday, September 02, 2012

Haircuts and Swords.


Yesterday, Maxwell had his first real haircut. Meaning, his first haircut not done by his parents. I usually sit him down in the sink and give him a trim when he needs it or Andrew buzzes his head while he squirms staring at himself in the mirror, but this time, we thought we'd try one of those awesome child salons where little boys sit in seats disguised as cars and airplanes while cartoons play on the wall. It was such a fun way to spend our Saturday morning. Max loved staring at himself in a huge mirror and loved the shark toy they gave him and the sucker and everything that went along with the entire morning, but I think he'll be sticking to home haircuts for the next year or two because I ended up recutting his hair this afternoon.

But! They did spike and dye his hair for the Razorback game!
He is the cutest.


Also, everything in our house is either a weapon or a weapon-in-waiting. Animals. Blocks. Shoes. Hangers. Kitchen Utensils. Pillows. Fingers. Deconstructed Yo-Yos. Max turns everything into a sword now-a-days even though I don't think he has ever seen a movie with a sword fight (except maybe Peter Pan?). And when we go outside? My little man loves himself a good stick-sword fight... but I think that's pretty common for two-year-old boys.