Sunday, September 09, 2012

My Turtle.


A little less than two weeks ago, Andrew came home and I told him that we had to leave the apartment. We'd been cooped up inside all day and I was dying to move around a little bit. So! Like usual, we hit up the trail behind our apartment complex and let Max run wild. Then! As we were walking, we came across a little turtle. He was sitting right off the path and we were so excited to show Max his first real turtle (he loves turtles).

And when Max saw it? He screamed and ran away.

I guess something about the turtle freaked him out- maybe it was the way he was sticking his head in and out or maybe it was because the turtle could move on his own and or maybe it was because we kept saying "Don't touch!" while also oohing and ahhing, but Max was not having any of it, so he ran away down the path to escape. A few minutes later, though, he plucked up his courage, screamed "Turtle!" and barreled back to where the turtle had been. When he got back to the spot, though, the turtle was gone. And our little man? He wandered the path for ten minutes and cried "My Turtle! My Turtle!" the whole way home.

I think we need to take him to the zoo.