Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Our Day in Three Pictures.


I slept in a little this morning (7:00! Woo!) and didn't shower before Andrew left for work, which meant that by the time I did shower, Max was parked in our bedroom happily playing with his plastic animal toys (who we call his friends). Max and I have the "it's time for Mom to shower" part of the day down to an art, meaning he will play right outside of the bathroom and come say "Hi!" a few times while I'm showering, so I wasn't too surprised when he opened the shower door right after I got in, said "Hi!", squealed, and ran away. I was a little surprised though when he came right back, squealed again, plopped a toy in the shower, and ran back out again... only to come back twenty seconds later and repeat the whole thing with a new animal. Three minutes and eight animals later, he was doing a naked booty dance trying to take off his shirt, squealing "Shower! Shower!" and, when that was done, he crawled in the tub and promptly turned my shower into a bath. It wasn't even 7:15, but it was one of the funniest parts of my day.


I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry on the off chance that I would be put on bedrest. I even packed my hospital bag! Let's be honest, no woman wants to be put on bedrest, but since I've been down that road before, I have a just-in-case mentality for a few days leading up to my appointments. You just never know! Turns out, I wasn't put on bedrest today (hooray!), but I did have to have some tests run because Henry's heartbeat was racing. I was hooked up to machines for nearly an hour and our little man kicked my belly bands off several times, moved for forty-five minutes, and we were finally set free when he wore himself out and fell asleep for a few minutes. Don't think he slept for too long, though! He kicked the nurse when she took of my bands. The whole staff that was coming in and out kept laughing about how he's such a happy baby. If only they knew... homeboy moves 90% off the day with big whoppin' thuds and stretches. I'm not complaining, but now I feel justified for every time I've said "He never stops moving!" because, really, he doesn't.

Also, speaking of Henry, ten or fifteen minutes ago, he was busy stretching and we could see a knee or foot stretched out between my ribs and belly button. Andrew and I cooed over the knee/foot and pushed on it. Then Andrew lost interest, but I felt around some more and felt two or three inches of bone through my stomach! I felt my baby's leg! I felt that leg through my skin! Andrew kissed that baby leg through my skin! I am so excited about this.


And let's not forget this picture. Since we had to run tests at our appointment, we got home well after Andrew's class started. He dropped us off and, when he left, Max threw one of the biggest tantrums of his life. He kept screaming "No! Daddy!" and "C'mon Mommy!" while trying to pull me out the door to follow Andrew outside. This went on for twenty or thirty minutes- huge sobs, household items thrown, and serious tears. He pushed me away every time I tried to comfort him and honestly writhed on the floor crying about how his man had locked him in the apartment. It was sad, then ridiculous, then funny, then exhausting, and then ridiculous again. I could not calm him down. But! Then Andrew ended up hitting horrible traffic, realized he'd (at best) only be in class for twenty minutes, and turned back around home. Max was thrilled.

And that is our day, in a nutshell.