Monday, September 17, 2012


Day 6-3
Day 6-7
Day 6-1
[These pictures are from the library this morning and have nothing to do with this post.]

A few minutes ago, while I was falling asleep over one of my favorite dinners (made by my mom, of course), Max started pulling wild child antics and kept climbing on the table. Every time, Andrew pulled him down and told him "No, Sir!" and every time, Max would squeal and grin. He ended up in the corner but the corner didn't work, so a few minutes later he ended up in a chair in the middle of the living room. Andrew stood behind him, trying to enforce that sitting in the middle of the room on a chair with no toys was a punishment rather than a celebration. My mom and I sat watching, trying not to laugh, and finally my mom said this:

"Andrew, I don't think he knows that he's being punished."

I started laughing as soon as she said this. She started laughing as soon as she said this. Andrew choked on a chuckled and Max looked around, threw back his head, and belly laughed for a whoppin' thirty seconds. And now? He's running around pretending to be a dinosaur. But! He's on the floor, not on the table, so I'm calling that a Win-Win.