Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thirty Eight Weeks!

When Andrew came home today, I pulled myself out of bed and we took some quick belly shots in front of the woods behind our apartment (cause heaven forbid I walk into the woods right now- I'd probably trip on the first stick I came across with a quarter inch diameter and sprain my ankle in the process). I'll show those cute shots in a minute, but this, my friends, is what thirty-eight weeks pregnant really looks like:

Day 14 & 15-6

Glamorous, no? I swelled up like a balloon last week (no way will anyone be seeing a straight on photo of my face for a while!) and, before I deleted a whole bunch of other full body pictures taken from the side, you could see where the swelling in my legs started, stopped, and started up again. Pregnancy is awesome and it is also no joke. No wonder I have a hard time standing now-a-days and can only wear these beat up flip flops! My body is crazy right now, but I'm weirdly happy about it because I've reached the point where I have to wake Andrew up in the middle of the night for my bathroom breaks because I can't pull myself out of bed without him. I think that's as equal as pregnancy can get for any heterosexual couple, so I'll take what I can get. Did I mention that, once or twice a day, I get crazy mad at my husband and tell him he's not allowed to look at me because he gets to have a baby without being pregnant? All is fair in love and war, which I am currently calling late pregnancy.

And now! Onto the cute pictures!

Day 14 & 15-8 Day 14 & 15-11

Henry is scheduled to arrive on October 4th, which is eight days from today. We go in super, super early in the morning and he'll be born several hours before lunch. I am so excited! Annnnd I'm nesting like crazy, even though I'm supposed to be down most of the time (and I am! I really am!). I vacuum every day, am ridiculously crazy about spraying air freshener (seriously, it's embarrassing), have over-cleaned all of our baby gear, and have even started creating loads of laundry just so I have something to fold. Did I mention I have also crocheted two blankets in one week? I am a crazy pregnant lady, but whatev. I'll be crazy for a few more days if it means snuggling a little bundle of brand new baby love is just around the corner.