Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Henry.

Dear Henry,


Meeting you would be the best birthday present of my life and sharing a birthday would be awesome, so you have my full permission to kick hard enough today that my water breaks. Sure, you're still a few days away from full-term, so only take this to heart if your lungs are working right, but we are ready to meet you and I would much rather spend tonight snuggling you on a bed instead of waking up every hour on the hour to make a bathroom trip- a bathroom trip that takes at least ten minutes since it takes me five painful ones to hoist myself out of bed. Also, I am really ready to see what you look like and to kiss you all over your face.


P.S. Our family is really good at snuggling and I'm really good at swaddling, so I promise you'll be just as comfortable on the outside as you are on the inside... except maybe moreso, because I don't think my stomach is physically capable of stretching anymore. We love you! Get here soon.