Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twenty-Five to Twenty-Six.

Today is my last day as a twenty-five year old.


Twenty-five was a crazy year for me and it flew by so speedily that I caught myself looking at the calendar last week thinking "What?! Twenty-six?". I can't believe that I have been married for over three years and I can't believe that I have a two year old (ah!) and that I could have a newborn later today or several weeks from now. I can't believe that I have a dog named Napoleon and that I own my own business (what?!) and that I love crocheting blankets and that, somehow, despite all of these new additions, I am still the same person I was at twenty-one or twenty-two. I'm someone who is very comfortable with life phases- I'm wonderfully happy living in our two-bedroom apartment with vaulted ceilings until we have a third child and it doesn't bother me that we probably won't own a brand spanking new car (as in new, not used) this side of the next ten years and I'm really comfortable with the fact that we'll probably move several more times before we settle down and buy a house.

I'm someone who likes a good amount of change, so I love looking back and also looking forward. It's fun to see how I've grown from a bratty high school student to the person I am today and as the person I am today, I'm really excited for when Andrew and I are in our thirties, more settled and more in love. I'm excited for those stages- for the stages where Henry and Max are best friends and for the stages when we add more children to our family and for the stages where I can hand-pick my photo sessions and weddings and for the stages where I can sit in our backyard reading a book as our youngest baby crawls in the grass and I'm excited for family vacations and nights where I mop the floor at three in the morning because that's the only time I have to finish household chores and I'm excited for the phase where our kids are grown up and Andrew and I look at each other across the room, white haired and wrinkly, and nod with little smiles because we did a good job creating a life together. I am so excited for these phases and I'm so excited about the stage I'm in now.

I feel like there are so many different ways you can choose to live your life. I have always wanted a full life- one full of love and color and children and memories and art and books and friends and, well, experience. I am so lucky that I married a good man who has so many of the same life philosophies that I do. We both have so many things we want to do and we both want a family full of happy kids and we both want to do the best that we can. Neither of us are too interested in money or status and we just want to do the best we can with what we have. I love that and I'm just so happy with the little world we've created for ourselves. It's simple, but it's cheerful and it's loving. Sure, nothing in my life is perfect- there's always something I could do better- but from where I'm sitting, I'd say that, at almost twenty-six, I'm living the life I always wanted to live at this age. And that, I think, is pretty rad.