Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Bath! And Some Max Gems.

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Max, the funniest child who has ever lived, loved helping me give Henry his first at-home sponge bath on Monday morning, especially when he got to use a polka dot wash cloth to scrub Henry's tiny feet. He laughed while he put his hands in the water and, when I gave Henry a little baby massage afterwards, Max squealed each time I squeezed pink lotion out of the bottle. Afterwards, while I dressed Henry, I heard Max plop to the ground and, out of the corner of my eye, saw him unzip his pajamas. Less than three point two seconds after I strapped Henry in his swing, Max climbed onto the kitchen table and happily held the bottle of lotion out to me and, while I rubbed the lotion into his little body for the next five minutes, squealed "More Mama! More Mama!".

He's got this baby/big brother thing figured out.
And now! Some Max gems from today!

Gem One:
Andrew: "Max, are you a boy or girl?"
Max: "A girl."
Andrew: "No. You're a boy."
Max: "I'm a DINOSAUR!"
Andrew: "A boy dinosaur."


Max: "I'm not a dinosaur! I'M A MONSTER!!!"
Annnnd he kept reminding us that he was a monster for the rest of the day.

Gem Two:
I pulled out my boob to feed Henry.
Max: "HOORAY!"

Followed by an exchange I can't remember clearly, followed by this:

Me: "No. This is Mommy's boob."
Max: "BOOB! BOOB! Mommy's BOOB!"

Max pulls his shirt up so his nipple shows.

Max: "Mine boob!"
Andrew: "You don't have boobs. Does daddy have boobs?"
Max (laughing): "Noooo!"
Andrew: "No. Boys don't have boobs."
Max: "I'm a MONSTER!"

Seriously. Parenting can be really difficult and I lost quite a bit of sleep wondering how I was going to manage two children, but lately I feel like I won the child lottery and only have mushily gushy things to say about my hilarious little boy and my sweet, sweet baby. Ask me about my boobs, however, and I'll let out a string of expletives that would make bare knuckle boxers blush. Second time breast feeding (which should really be named "automatic engorgement so painful it makes you want to scream") is not for the faint of heart, so it's a good thing my heart (and boobs) is super sturdy.