Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Some Instagrams as of Late

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I am completely lost in a newborn fog. I'm not sure what day it is and the laundry is always running and I'd like to chop my hair off to my shoulders and I smell like milk all day except right after I shower and my lips feel chapped from so much kissing and my hands have memorized the bottoms of my baby's little toes and I think my toddler has gotten cuter overnight and I spent last night crying for twenty minutes because I'd convinced myself that, in the wake of Henry's arrival this past week, I had ignored Max so much that he had somehow instantly gotten fat, only to see him barrel out of his room this morning at his normal size and Andrew's extra hours the past three months are finally paying off in days (and half days!) off with me and today we watched three Disney movies (Megamind, The Incredibles, and The Little Mermaid) back to back and I took an hour long nap with Henry on the couch while the rest of our family made a lot of noise and even though I'm ready for my stomach to be completely flat and I'm more than ready to have the green light to do whatever I'd like, I wouldn't change anything about right now because it's a lovely time that only comes a few times in every mom's (and dad's!) lifetime and we are busy soaking up all the time we can together in our cozy little living room.