Monday, October 29, 2012


Week Home-100

Lately, I have felt nostalgic for so many moments as they are happening or right before they happen. I'm nostalgic for little moments like wiping Henry's gunky eyes with a wet washcloth (he has blocked tear ducts) and waking up to "Hey, Mom!" being squealed in front of my face and watching Max as he stands on a shopping cart to reach the water fountain and driving with my husband with my feet on the dashboard and so many other small moments that are never accounted for or talked about much after they happen.

I guess I just like simplicity and creativity even more than I thought, because right now from where I'm sitting, nothing sounds better than a lazy afternoon with my babies and my husband with wind in my hair and a million different possibilities laid out in front of us. I want my kids to have magical childhoods and, not quite as important but still importantly, I want to preserve those memories for them. Ever since Henry came into our world three weeks ago, I feel so much more grown up, like a legitimate adult, and even though it scares me that I'll never be the free-spirited twenty-one year old I was five years ago, it's comforting that I am still the same person I was then but I'm also so much more. 

That, I think, is a beautiful thing.