Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pictures from the Hospital

Henry-28 Henry-44 Henry-54 Henry-77 First Week-2 First Week-7 First Week-15 First Week-30 First Week-40 First Week-51 First Week-55 First Week-58 First Week-64 First Week-65 First Week-68 First Week-74 First Week-81 First Week-102First Week-116
First Week-103

I have no words for how much Henry has already changed our world for the better. He is a dream baby and, even when I look down and see that it looks like someone has popped two water balloons directly over my boobs minutes after Max has accidentally kicked me on my incision while crawling on top of me at the same time Napoleon crawled under a chair to throw up his breakfast, I just can't get enough of the past few days. I wish I were awake enough to write cheesy lines about how wonderful everything has been, but instead I'll just say that the past five and a half days have been beautiful and that they have been perfect, too. Babies are magic.