Monday, October 08, 2012

The Day Henry Was Born.

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Henry's early fall birthday could not have been better. When we went into the hospital, I was freaking out like a lunatic. I had a really rough experience with my first c-section and, as soon as they admitted us (three hours before the c-section was scheduled to start), I started shaking uncontrollably. I was so nervous! But! This time around, I had a wonderful doctor and plenty of drugs and I was able to see Henry get washed up and cleaned and weighed and they let Andrew stay while they were stitching me up for a while and, even better, they let him bring the baby over to me for a few short minutes before they were whisked to the nursery. Also, have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? I was freaking out when I was being prepped in delivery without him and, as soon as he walked in the room and he took my hand, my heart rate evened out and all of my cranked up nerves settled down. I love him. He is the best husband and I'm so happy he's the (wonderful!) father of my babies. And our new babe? He has the softest skin and the softest hair and he is so perfectly sweet and perfect and there are a million ways to gush about him because everything just feels so right now that he is here. And Max? Ah! He is the best two-year-old brother! He constantly talks about "mine baby He-He" and, as I type this, is sitting on the couch with Henry in his lap watching a movie. I could not have asked for a better few days. We love Henry!