Sunday, November 25, 2012

Body Heat and Cute Pictures and Thankfulness Too!

I currently have a baby curled up at my legs and a toddler curled up on my side. And, you guys, babies but off a lot of body heat. I have on a tank top and leggings and my hair is pulled up and I am still sweating up a storm. Good thing they're cute, right?

Day 71-74Day 71-65 Day 71-68 Day 71-72 Day 71-85

These were taken a few days ago when Max proclaimed my old teddy bear (seriously- that thing is old) his baby and he mimicked everything Henry and I did with his baby bear. Max is at such a fun age! I never thought copying could be so cute! I mean, sure, sometimes his "I do it myself, Mommy!" drives me bonkers and sometimes he reminds me of Matilda when, thirty minutes before lunch, he'll pull a chair up to the freezer, pull out a bag of corn, and dump it into a bowl he's pulled out of the cabinet and chow down on frozen kernels while looking insanely proud of himself- all of which he's done while blissfully unaware that I'm watching him from a few feet away. His age is insane and loud and emotional and full of melt downs and a lot of chaos and I love it.

And Henry's age? It's really, really cute. He blows bubbles! He smiles when he farts and when he hears women sweet talking! He goes cross eyed while staring! I love it. It's chaos.

It's wonderful- and I say that with a headache and a runny nose and ears full of two kids snoring and full knowledge that I should be asleep right now.