Monday, November 12, 2012

Daddy's Man.

This conversation occurred this afternoon:

Me: "Hey Max, what's your name?"
Max: "Max!"
Me: "What's your brother's name?"
Max: "My baby name He-He."
Me: "What's your daddy's name?"
Max: "And-oo"
Me: "What's your puppy's name?"
Max: "Napoleon."
Me: "What's your mommy's name?"
Max: "MAMA!"

Would this conversation be funnier if I mentioned that I asked Max the exact same questions over dinner and he responded the exact same way, only when I asked about Napoleon he said "Napoleon on the ground."? Also, not gonna lie, when I asked him the name of his dinosaur, he roared "T-Rex!" but, in fairness, I did have to help him when I asked him the name of his favorite superhero (Batman!).

Oh! And another conversation Max likes to have with family members and friends whenever the opportunity presents itself:

Max: "Huck is Mama's baby. I Mama's boy and I Daddy's MAN!"

Day 54-1

And to that I say this- yes you are little man. Yes you are.