Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Halloween! Only a Week Late!


Meet Max's Trick or Treating Buddies: Peter Venkman the Ghostbuster, Fancy Nancy, and Doctor Who. I tried to get Max to stand with his cousins and uncle for a picture, but he wasn't interested, like, at all. Observe Mr. Dinosaur Rider himself and his pouty little mouth:


Nope! Max was way too excited for photos! He and his freckled face were much more interested in showing off his glow stick and playing with an oversized balloon that was tragically killed minutes before Trick or Treating commenced. Observe (again!):


Don't be fooled by this photo- I had a full blown tantrum on my hands when this balloon popped, but this was taken ten minutes later when he had decided that the surviving rubber band was just as cool, if not more cool, than the green balloon attached to it. Have I mentioned that everything green in our lives is now "dinosaur"? As in, the green cups in the kitchen are actually dinosaur cups? The balloon was the same. It wasn't green- it was dinosaur. But! I digress!

Halloween was chilly and wonderful and, after we left my parents' backyard, it looked like this:

Halloween-18 Halloween-23 Halloween-24 Halloween-26

Max was a trooper for his third Halloween. I think it really sunk in this year that we were doing something awesome, so every time we walked up to a door, he was thrilled and also shy. He actually went Trick or Treating on two different shifts- once around the block with his cousins while the sun was setting and then once again with me, my sister, my mom, and Henry once the sun was set. He loved it! And Henry? He was a sport and joined us for the entire second shift, even though we didn't let him try any candy (despite his best efforts, obviously).


Now! I just have to hide Max's Jack-O-Lantern shirt because he would live in those black and gray sleeves if I let him.