Monday, November 26, 2012

Henry's Baby Blessing

I should probably post about Thanksgiving and the case of the missing rolls, but instead I'm going to post these photos from Henry's baby blessing and call it a blogging day. Henry was blessed this past Friday by his daddy and it was wonderful. I never really thought about baby blessings being exciting until I had my own babies, but at both of my kids' blessings, I kinda ran around like an excited mad woman beforehand. I didn't even bother to put on shoes this time around. 

We bless our babies at home (well, at homes owned by loved ones) and, this time around, we blessed our new babe at my aunt and uncle's house... and then we ate ice cream. His blessing was short and sweet and lovely and I'm excited to see what life has in store for our little faux-hawk lover.

And so! Pictures!

Our 4 Person (!!!) Fam:

Blessing-5 Blessing-11 Blessing-8 Blessing-9 Blessing-12 Blessing-18

Other Family Members Who Love Our Bibbed Babe:

Blessing-24Blessing-29 Blessing-30 Blessing-33 Blessing-36 Blessing-38

Noah and David, my brothers who wanted a photo and then did this:


David's eating salad; Noah's eating ice cream. Go figure.
And Max getting in trouble for swinging on the railing:


Yes. He is wearing rainboots with suspenders. Homeboy has effortless fashion sense. He gets it from me. Also, did I mention we were the first out the door afterwards because I forgot the diaper wipes but had stuffed my bag with, like, seven diapers? Welcome to my life. I also found cheese in the pantry the other day but that's a secret.