Thursday, November 01, 2012

Just Some (Halloween!) Instagrams as of Late

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IMG_1364IMG_1365IMG_1367 IMG_1373IMG_1380IMG_1382IMG_1384IMG_1391IMG_1396IMG_1406IMG_1411IMG_1418IMG_1425IMG_1452IMG_1458IMG_1479IMG_1485IMG_1486IMG_1487IMG_1488IMG_1500

Late Night Ninja Fights! Henry's First Road Trip! A Trip to Nana Cait and Pops' House! Lunches with Cousins! A Ward Halloween Party! Pumpkin Patches! A Picture of Me and My Husband! Max Loving Face Paint! Pumpkin Guts! Snuggles! Shopping! Stripes! Brothers! CANDY! Halloween! Baby Wearing! Dinosaur Riders! Halloween Sugar Hangovers! We have been extremely busy bees lately (pun on my sister's costume intended).


Also, let's take a moment for the moment pictured above.

I always swore up and down that, because I always had homemade Halloween costumes, my children would always have homemade Halloween costumes. This year, Max was set to be Indiana Jones. All I had to do was pick up the jacket! But! On a trip to Target last Thursday night, Maxwell discovered this Dinosaur Rider costume and we walked out of the store with it ten minutes later. Did I mention he's slept with it twice, already covered half of the mouth in bike grease from my dad's stationary bike, and has almost hugged the plush out of this green monster?

True love is totally worth thirty bucks.

... Also, sorry I'm not sorry for all the exclamation points and half-sentences in this post (or any post) ...