Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just Some Instagrams as of Late + Two Videos

IMG_1555IMG_1551IMG_1547 IMG_1538IMG_1531IMG_1526 IMG_1574IMG_1577IMG_1593 IMG_1596IMG_1617IMG_1624 IMG_1625IMG_1636IMG_1640 IMG_1646IMG_1671IMG_1663 IMG_1736IMG_1756IMG_1760 IMG_1763IMG_1771IMG_1778

In answer to the very first video: Yes. My little Maximillian is a future paleontologist.
In answer to the second video: Yes. This was taken after Max copied Henry for three minutes.
And! In answer to everything else: Yes. My boys really are this cute in real life (only moreso). Not that I'm biased or anything...