Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Some Instagrams as of Late

IMG_1816IMG_1818IMG_1833 IMG_1837IMG_1842IMG_1848 IMG_1855IMG_1856IMG_1866 IMG_1869IMG_1878IMG_1882 IMG_1885IMG_1897IMG_1901 IMG_1902IMG_1912IMG_1914 IMG_1927IMG_1939IMG_1940 IMG_1952IMG_1964IMG_1972

I never pictured myself as that annoying mom who says "They're growing up too fast!" at a drop of a hat, but my soul, these boys are growing up so, so, so fast! Like, I cried when I downloaded these photographs because I am a sap. Also because I can't believe the year is almost over. Hug your babies. They grow up too fast!

Yep. Totally said that twice in, um, five sentences.
I have become that mom. Just wait until they start kindergarten. It'll be like they're welcoming their third born or something.

Also, my boys are cute, right? SO cute!