Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where I Realize That I'm a Germaphobe

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I've always kinda-sorta-but-not-really prided myself on being one of those moms who just isn't really a germaphobe. Not in an "y'all are dumb" way, but in a way that I silently chuckle to myself whenever my friends wipe down toys at a park or set down disposable place mats at a restaurant or when they obsessively wash hands. I guess the best way to put it is that I think my germaphobe Mom Friends are cute! It's sweet when they wipe things down and are super worried about their children becoming sick.

But me... not so much.

I don't wipe down high chairs in restaurants and I don't always make Max wash his hands before a meal and we go barefoot from, like, March to November. Don't get me wrong- I keep my babies as clean as possible, but every once in a while we'll skip a bath and I let Max run around with sticks and rocks and other naturally dirty things all the time.

But! Then I had a baby in the fall and I had a whoppin' realization: I am a germaphone! Even more surprising? I'm the worst kind of germaphobe because, until recently, I didn't realize that I'm germaphobe! I barely took Henry out of the apartment for the first four weeks of his life. The past two weeks, we have been out more, but I still haven't taken him to church because I don't want people to touch him if they have colds (disregard the fact that Max has had an on-and-off cold for the past two weeks). Anyway, yesterday morning was the morning that I had my realization. We were supposed to go on a play date to a bouncy gym. I was really excited about this, but then Max threw up and started sniffling and I thought to myself: "No way am I taking him in a confined space with other kids where there are germs".

Which is good sense when your kid has thrown up anytime in the past twenty-four hours, but still. Thinking that made me realize that, once fall hits, I think that all the time. I still don't wipe down high chairs or use place mats, but I cringe inwardly whenever I think of my kids being in confined spaces with other children this time of year. I don't want them to get germs! And if I'm angsting about my kids getting germs, even if it's from other people (I am so the mom that keeps her kid home from nursery if he's had any sign of sickness in a 24-hour period because I hope other parents will do the same), then I am still a germaphobe. Step one is admitting it, right?

... Still don't think it's going to change until there's no one under thirteen or fourteen in my life.