Monday, December 17, 2012

Just Forty Instagrams of My Kids Being Kids.

IMG_2393 IMG_2189IMG_2202IMG_2218 IMG_2222IMG_2228IMG_2232 IMG_2236IMG_2243IMG_2253 IMG_2257IMG_2264IMG_2266 IMG_2280IMG_2295IMG_2309 IMG_2324IMG_2328IMG_2351 IMG_2333IMG_2380IMG_2383 IMG_2415IMG_2488IMG_2501 IMG_2508IMG_2511IMG_2522 IMG_2533IMG_2557IMG_2577 IMG_2589IMG_2596IMG_2604 IMG_2612IMG_2628IMG_2651 IMG_2667IMG_2669IMG_2671

Henry had his first round of immunizations today and he is so good natured that, after screaming for ten seconds, he looked up and gave me the goofiest, gummiest grin that said something like "Hey, Mama!! It didn't hurt that bad!". Then we loaded up the car and he started hollering and hollered pretty consistently until about nine o'clock tonight, after which he entered into a staring contest with his old men until about eleven. I am wiped, but I am happy to be wiped. Sometimes, amidst all the craziness and frustrations that come from being constantly sleep deprived and the frustration that comes from never being alone, I stretch my heavy eyelids and think "What have I gotten myself into?" and then Max comes and gives me hugs for no reason and tells me a funny story (mom brag: he has such a good vocabulary!) and Henry locks eye contact with me- the kind of eye contact that makes you swear babies can see straight into your soul- and then I just feel so wonderful inside that it almost hurts. I love having my own little family and time is going so fast it chokes me up a little.

And! In funnier news!

Tonight, Max said his bedtime prayer all by himself and it went like this: "Heavenly Father, Thank you dinosaurs. Please dinosaurs. Name Jesus Christ a-MEN!"

And in non-religious news (f praying about dinosaurs is, in fact, religious news), today Max's biggest tantrums came when Henry changed clothes and Max didn't have clothes to match him. He always wants to match Henry and, if he's not matching Henry, he matches Andrew. If Andrew wears jeans, Max wears jeans. If Henry wears socks, Max wears socks. If Henry is naked, Max is naked, too... kinda like in our doctor's appointment this morning when Max started stripping in front of the doctor to "Be like my baby He-He."

At least he knows what's important in life, right?