Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh. 2012.

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Oh 2012. You were good to me.
You were a whirlwind, but you were good to me.

I used to have this theory that if I schooled a year, it meant that the year went well. "Schooling a year" used to mean all kinds of things- late nights pulled and fingernails painted and friends made (also kept) and shoes bought and boys kissed and high grades achieved and books read and late night drives taken and long, drawn out conversations about absolutely nothing and, I don't know, a million other things that didn't really mean anything but also meant everything, y'know? Maybe some of my old list is shallow and maybe it's bad that I sometimes miss the freedom to be able to walk to my car for a night out without shouting at a toddler to stay next to me while I'm wobbling carrying a chunky baby in a chunky car seat, but this year I've kind of learned that a year schooled can also be a year that schools me.

This year schooled me.

Not in a bad way, but in a "what the heck just happened?" way. I spent half of the year cooped up in an apartment- have I mentioned I love our vaulted ceilings? They saved my life this past while- and I've decided that early fall babies are the most difficult babies to have because it's too hot to be outside in the summer with a huge belly and, once the baby's arrived, it's flu season and you want to keep them inside (only to have cold season descend upon you and kick your butt with double ear infections and sinus infections, too!). But! I am getting ahead of myself.

This year there were positive pregnancy tests and four pairs of boots bought and lots of late nights (so many late nights!) and a dream vacation and a full time job for Andrew and so many wonderful words coming from Max's little mouth (the other night he said "Flowers de Mommy!" when Andrew went to the store and so many photographs- some I never even dreamed I could take!- and a beautiful, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, makes-you-gush-whenever-he-is-mentioned baby joined our family. So, even though the year flew by and I'm still kinda thinking "what just happened?!" at a faster and faster pace, I will say that this year- it was lovely and I can't believe it happened like it did.

Oh. And if you're wondering, I kissed three boys this year, but only one in a romantic way.
His name is Andrew. He's kinda cute.

(and those links above are why blogging rocks.)