Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pictures of Bros + Some Words.

Ah! The cuteness!

Bros-3 13-3 Bros-13 Bros-17

I never really thought that I would have a son named Henry and sometimes when he's sitting on my legs wishing he were sitting in his swing (Little Huckleberry loves his swing), I look into his light blue eyes (also something I never expected a child of mine to have, let alone two of my children to have) and I think, "How did you get here?!" and he responds with gurgling and spit bubbles (little man loves to drool). This year has been incredibly fast and strange and a whirlwind and somehow I've become this whole other version of myself that I never expected. And that version? It includes a baby named Henry and a kid named Max and it also includes lots of verbal warnings saying "Maxwell David Chandler, if you do not stop unplugging the Christmas lights, I'm taking them all away!" which in turn is followed by the most stubborn look of "Can't make me stop!" in the world... kinda like the look I was given when I found my two year old on top of the counter with a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos raging beneath his little hands as eighteen plastic sharks watched from the floor.

I mean, at least my life isn't boring.