Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Volcanoes for Max.

I have definitely slipped up on my normal blogging routine (sorry fam!) and I haven't even downloaded my camera in the past week (I think this is a record in the past 3.5 years of my marriage), so we'll start with an afternoon full of volcanoes. An afternoon of volcanoes that look like this:

Here's Max, totally confused as to why I've set kitchen stuff in front of him and totally frustrated that I won't let hime play with the paper towels taunting him on the bar:


His "Make a Face!" Face:


Feeling like hot stuff after three trial runs of figuring out the perfect volcanic ratio:


Making volcanoes like a boss:

Volcano-11 Volcano-12 Volcano-20 Volcano-21 Volcano-24 Volcano-25

Max loved making these! And who knew adding food coloring would make things even more fun? He talked about his "ol-ca-no" for the next hour and I'd be lying if I said we didn't use that whole bottle of previously unopened vinegar while Henry dozed off in his swing. Max has been acting out a little now that Henry is starting to slobber on his toys and do things other than sleep, so this month I started trying to do fun stuff like this every day for Max. It can be hard to find the time since Henry thinks I'm a 24/7 buffet (oh wait! I am!) which completely wipes me out some days, but Max is so much happier when we paint and make volcanoes and work on special crafts and bake cookies and even if we just take fifteen minutes and color on the floor together all by ourselves. It's been a hard few weeks, but this little boy of mine is the perfect toddler for me, just like Henry is the perfect second baby for me, too.

Annnnnd I'll try not to get sappy on the next one. I thought I turned sappy after one child, but now I've learned that was just a trial run. Now that I've got to babies, I'm basically a water faucet of sap and hopes and dreams and candy canes and sugar plum fairies, too!

Also, I've lost all my inhibitions when reading picture books. I make a great Shrek and King of the Wild Things to boot!