Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ROOOARs, "Oh No!", and Gotham Jail.

photo-155 photo-156

I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm not that into blogging over here anymore. I used to love to post so much, but with all the posting I do over at my photo blog (including a 365 project mainly of my boys), I can let weeks slip by without realizing "Hey. I probably should have blogged that."

But! Today, Max laid on his stomach across from me with a dinosaur and a Little People car and when he said "ROOOOOOAR" in a dinosaur voice followed by a "Oh no! Run away! Run to the Bat Cave!" in a Little People play figure kind of voice, I thought to myself "What kind of Mom would I be if I let that go unnoticed?" So here I am while Henry sleeps and Max pretends to be asleep for "naptime" (which, lately, is really destroy-the-bedroom time), typing and laughing to myself because this mom thing is going by in a blink. It's hard, but I can't believe I've been doing this for over two and a half years.

(Note to my children: Quit growing up!!!)

Anyway, more about today: Henry had an appointment for eczema this morning and, on the way, Max threw up which I could say is a rare event but he loves to hurl in the car (ps. it's still gross every time). So! By the time I had him cleaned up, we were twenty minutes late to our appointment (thus voiding our appointment) so I did what any Mom would do- I threw the two of my boys into a Target shopping cart, bought a whole bunch of over-the-counter baby skin cream (and soap!) and then marched to the toy aisle where I let Max pick out any toy he wanted. I tried to convince him he wanted an enormous green ogre that made noise, but instead he opted for Gotham Jail (complete with Bane and Max's fifth Batman action figure). He is his father's son.

PS. That over-the-counter Aquaphor stuff is killing it on Henry's little red face. The eczema's almost gone compared to what his chubby cheeks looked like yesterday!

PPS. The Sophie Giraffe toy everyone has? She sure is cute but her squeaking drives Napoleon crazy. He stalks her, so she lives in a wreath that's hanging on a coat closet door.